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Real Time Visibility of Freight

The GPS update latency can vary based on the rate of change in vehicle speed and direction. Updates are typically received as fast as 2 seconds when the rate of change of speed or direction is high. The slowest update frequency will be 30 seconds, assuming the vehicle is in a location with slower network connectivity. For trailer or equipment tracking, GPS coordinates are collected every 1 min when the trailer is in motion.

Share Locations

The innovative technology allows us to communicate live location, accurate ETAs, and real-time alerts for exceptional customer service.

Prevent Theft And Misuse

With new cutting edge technology we are able to keep an eye all vehicles, equipment, and trailers so they’re not lost or misused. 

Get Instant Alerts

We are able to set custom geofences so that the customer knows when the truck enters a yard or client facility to stay on top of resource allocation.

Verify Billing

With use of ELD this allows us to send the customer with accurate invoicing with reports that calculate the spent time on the job site.

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